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How to download pictures from the International Space Station

How to get pictures from the International Space Station via amateur radio

The ESA (European Space Station) also offers tutorial videos for how to receive #ISS Slow Scan TV pictures for computers and mobile devices.

You don’t need any expensive equipment, please watch the video.

The link below is to an instructional video intended to teach members of the general public how to receive pictures transmitted over amateur radio by the International Space Station. The content of this video is for educational purposes only.

Please watch this video to start

How to do this on windows o/s can be found here:

You can also listen to a number of radio bands using a USB DVB-T SDR try and get one with an RTL2832U / R820T2 chipset – these can be found for around £10 or if you want to pay a little bit more look at NB you don’t need one of these for the activities in the video above.

ISS infographic copyright esa

Dept of Education retweeting one of the @ukscouting posts

Department of Education – Retweeted UKScouting

It’s great to see that the Department of Education has Retweeted one of the @UKScounting posts on Twitter.

The #TGIWeekender a Digital Summer Camp is taking place on the 11th and 12 of July 2020 and is open to all Young People 6 to 18 years of age

It promises to be a great event, and they have a number of special guests lined up. #skillsforlife

25 projects you can make at home

25 Projects you can make at Home.

25 Makerspace Projects for Kids

Thanks to Makerspace they have published 25 projects that Young People can do at Home.

Looking at them I am very tempted to have a go at some of them myself, so you could say they are for the not so young as well!

There are plenty of things to have a go at, pizza box circuit, circuit tiles, how to make a frog robot and a foam boat with a DC motor.

For full information please visit:

Ready to dust off your sleeping bag?


Dust off that Sleeping bag!

On the 11th to the 12th July, get ready to join the #TGIweekender To Be involved. Have a go at building a base camp (whether it’s a tent under the stars or a duvet dragged under the stairs or something you can build in your room), connect with us on a mobile, tablet, or computer, and you’re all set. There’ll be activities you can complete in your own time as well as live events, including a UK-wide campfire.

For full details and to register please see: