Raspberry Pi Day 2021

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When I was young if someone has said Raspberry Pi, I would have said no thanks I prefer cherry! now when we refer to Raspberry Pi is has a whole new meaning. Since the Raspberry first launched the maker in me has enjoyed using them.

Raspberry Pi Day is a special occasion for people all around the world (your preferred date format notwithstanding), (mine is YYYY-MM-DD which confuses my friends and colleagues in the UK when I use it) and I love seeing all the ways that makers, students, and educators celebrate. This year the Raspberry Pi Foundation, they are embracing Raspberry Pi Day as a time to support young learners and creators in our community. Today, we launch our firstΒ Pi Day fundraising campaign. From now until 14 March, (3/14, AKA Pi Day!) I’d like to ask for your help to empower young people worldwide to learn computing and become confident, creative digital makers and engineers.

Raspberry Pi

For more information about Raspberry Pi Day (#RaspberryPiDay) please visit https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/pi-day-at-the-raspberry-pi-foundation/?utm_source=twitterB&utm_medium=socialB&utm_campaign=piday21

The People at the Raspberry Pi Foundation say “Any amount you’re able to donate to our PI Day campaign gives young people the tools to make things and shape their future using technology

Don’t forget to check out the Digital Maker Badge at https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/4283/digital-maker-staged-activity-badge